Our Vision

"To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society"

Our Mission

"To provide a service in line with the Government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"

History of Galigamuwa Divisional Secretariat

Galigamuwa Divisional Secretariat was named as “Beligal Korale Income Office” up to 1971. Two sub divisions were appeared on June 01, 1971 as Warakapola Income Office (west) & Galigamuwa Income Office (east) which was containing 20 parishes.

Galigamuwa Income Office was renamed as “Sub Government Agent Office” in late 1978 & as “Galigamuwa Divisional Secretariat Office” since 1992. Today, number of parishes is expanded to 51 in number  and Grama Niladari is the in charge of a parish.

Divisional Income, Divisional sub Government Agent & Divisional Secretariat offices were established as follows,
1. Nelundeniya (Beligal Korale, east/west)
2. Close to Galigamuwa Primary School
3. Kobbewala junction, Ballapana
4. Mayfield State, Ballapana

Location Based Information

Galigamuwa Divisional Secretariat Division belongs to Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council & is one of the province’s eleven Secretariat Divisions. It contains three sub divisions namely, Gam Dolaha Kandupita, Uthura & Dakuna & is further divided to 51 parishes.

It is surrounded by Ma Oya river from north, Rambukkana & Kegalle Divisional Secretariat divisions form east, Warakapola Divisional Secretariat division from west & Bulathkohupitiya & Yatiyanthota Divisional Secretariat divisions from south. The land extent is 12,718Ha & though the main topographical slope in the land is towards west, two other slopes towards north & south in the central area give rise to a proper drainage pattern. Hapudeniya is the highest parish in the division having 1200ft from sea level & lowest is Helamada which is 90ft.

Galigamuwa is coming under wet zone having 105in annual average rainfall & the temperature remains between 72-80oF. Kegalu Oya, a branch of Ma Oya river flows towards north & Gurugoda Oya, a branch of Kelani river is to south supplies water for irrigation. Agriculture is the main economic sector in the area.

Soil Distribution

Land Land area (Ha)
Red yellow podzolic soil 10538.09
Brown podzolic soil 2165.00
Deep sloped rocks with lithosols 24.00
Total 12708.00

 In addition reservoirs associated with soil erosion contains gravel, fire clay & ball clay. Graphite is available in the area of Bogala.


Population Based Information 2012

Divisional Secretary's Division Total Number of persons Ethnic Group
Sinhala Sri Lanka Tamil Indian Tamil Sri Lanka Moor Burgher Malay Sri Lanka Chetty Bharatha Other1
Galigamuwa 73942 70012 557 2181 715 432 03 20 01 21

 Galigamuwa division has administered by officers belong to such positions under particular periods of governments.

Serial No Name Designation From To
1. Mr. T.D.Weerasekara Divisional Revenue Officer 1961 1965
2. Mr. W.M.P.Menikdewela -do- 1966.01.01 1966.07.31
3. Mr. Y.B.Pussadeniya -do- 1966.08.01  
4. Mr. R.A..A.Ranaweera -do- 1971.06.01 1977.12.31
5. Mr. L.Gunawardhana -do- 1978.01.01 1978.06.30
6. Mr. Milton Amarasinghe -do- 1979.07.01 1983.12.31
7. Mr. M.G.Kularathna -do- 1984.01.01 1984.12.31
8. Mr. Kelvin Gunawardhana -do- 1985.01.01 1986.12.31
9. Mr. S.D.A.Laurance -do- 1987.01.01 1988.05.31
10. Mr. Gamini Senevirathne -do- 1988.06.01 1991.12.31
11. Mr. Kapila Pathirana Perera -do- 1992.01.01 1992.08.16
12. Mr. T.G.Kulasena -do- 1992.08.17 2000.06.07
13. Mr. Mahinda Senevirathna Divisional Secretary 2000.06.08 2006.01.31
14. Mr. Lalith Dodamkotuwa -do- 2006.02.01 2007.03.08
15. Mr. W.M.A.P.B.Wanninayaka -do- 2007.03.15 2010.03.22
16 Mr. Kapila Perera -do- 2010.03.22 2014.04.02
17 Mr.K.G.S.Nishantha -do- 2014.04.03 2018.09.14
18 Mr. H.M.C.Susantha Herath -do- 2018.09.17 up to date

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ඩෙංගු මෙහෙයුම් කමිටු සම්බන්ධයෙන් සාකච්ඡා කිරීම සඳහා...

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